Monday, November 26, 2012

A Gift from a Male Admirer

Over the past several months, a group of men in St. Louis have been learning the laws of shchita.  A few weeks before Thanksgiving they had their first encounter with real chickens, which they shechted, cleaned,  and koshered perfectly, all earning A+ from teacher, Alan Greenspan.  As pre-arranged, the chicken were then donated to the local Tomchei Shabbos food pantry (run by Merle Hartstein). On Thanksgiving morning the fledgling shochtim shechted some turkeys, also to donate to needy families.  One of the shochtim has long been a follower of our Megillah writing project, and when he began plucking the hard turkey feathers, he thought . . . quills!  With the help of Alan and a sharp razor blade, he cleaned and shaped 5 of the feathers into perfect quills and yesterday presented them to me for the group to use!  Thank you, Earl Newman!

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