Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Class in STA"M

So we are on our way.  Due to a change in circumstances, we decided to proceed to learn STA"M by means of the step-by-step lessons found at http://www.sofer.co.uk/

This is a fantastic website for all things related to sofrut.

I am still hopeful that we will find an experienced sofer to teach us the technical skills needed for the project in person, as we continue to learn the halachic aspects of sofrut with Rabbi Shafner, but meanwhile we are off to a good start.  For the scribes of the group who were not there last night, we worked on letters bet, resh, kof, samech, and mem sofeet. We are following the order of learning the letters recommended by Rav Eliezer Adam at his website.

We will meet again Wednesday evening, June 30 (7:30, my house, unless people want to meet somewhere else). Between now and then, we will each work on our own on the next five letters in the series: daled, heh, vav, tof, peh. At our joint session on June 30, we will review the first ten letter we worked on and proceed with the next five. It was a special treat to have master calligrapher Lynda Cohen join us last night :)