Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update:  After a long hiatus, I am returming to the blog to report and document the group's progress.  The actual writing on the klaf has begun.  Shelly, Aviva, and I began writing our sections about 6 weeks ago - motivated in large part by Shelly's fast-approaching aliyah.  A photo of the first completed 'amud' is attached to the blog.)  We are now down to the five scribes who will, IY"H, write the text, and we are enlisting local women artists to do "illumination," or decorative art, in the margins. 

Happily, our recent burst of activity coincides with Rabbi Fasman's much-improved health, and his own return to writing a Megillah on the klaf the group presented to him in appreciation for his teaching us. 

We have come to the attention of media!  This Tuesday, a reporter and photogrpaher from "The Jewish Light" will come for our writing/practicing session to do a story on the project.