Monday, April 19, 2010

How Does Our Klaf Measure Up?

I took all the relevant measurement of our klaf so that I could order the printed text to use as a guide, as noted in the previous blog entry.

Our klaf is comprised of four separate pieces that will eventually be sewn together. The first three pieces are scored with four columns each, for a total of 12. Theses columns are each 16 cm wide and cm 28 cm high. There is a space of 2 cm between the columns. Each column is scored for 28 lines of writing; each such line is .5 cm high with a .5 cm space between the lines. The fourth sheet begins with a clumn that is a bit wider - 19 cm - and that is scored for the names of the ten sons of Hamen, which are written in their own column. There are three additional columns scored on this piece that are each 12 cm wide.

The printed guide is rather expensive, but I know we need one. Happily, before ordering it, I discovered that Bais Abraham's Megillah, which happens to be at our house now (since Purim, when Jack read it at the house for some people who couldn't make it to shul), has the exact same format, so I will xerox it and we will have our own guide at a fraction of the cost.