Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aviva's Guides / Last Set of Letters

It always helps to have a scribe who is also a computer whiz!  Aviva Yael - the most recent member to join the group - has created  wonderful step-by-step guides for each letter and graphed practice paper that matches the size of our klaf.  She emailed copies to each of us - I will attach them to the blog as soon as she shows me how to do that :)

Meanwhile, we have been proceeding with weekly classes with Rabbi Fasman.  Tomorrow night we will complete the aleph-bet.  Among the last four letters will be that magical "peh" with the secret "bet" embedded inside.

Then it will be practice practice practice, after which we will reconvene in a few weeks for Rabbi Fasman to check our writing and instruct us on other Megillah-writing matters, like margins, sewing the klaf, etc.