Tuesday, August 28, 2012

בחזון עובדיה פורים עמוד רמא (ב) נפסק שהנוהגים לצייר או לכתוב את הברכות בראש ובסוף המגילה, יש להם על מה שיסמכו. ומותר לקרוא בה אף לכתחילה.

The source we will rely on
Ricki Heicklin, Soferet! (Aug. 2012)
Three amudim going on four (Aug. 2012)

Halachik Sources re Illumination of a Megillah (compiled by David Mescheloff)
The unknown author at the following site believes there's no problem, but gives neither references nor reasons:
While there might seem to be historical support for his view, as from almost four centuries ago:
and see
nevertheless, history doesn't tell you whether something was approved l'chatekhilah, or even b'dieved.
Check out what HaRav Avraham Yosef indicates in the name of his father, haRav Ovadya Yosef, at:
and as is succinctly summarized (with a solid Ashkenazi source) at:
We hope to finish the writing by November when Shaarei Tzedek plans to bring in a sofer from SoferonSite to do a program re Sifrei Torah.  The plan is to have a "siyum" to mark the completion of the writing of the Megillah and sew the 4 pieces of klaf together, under the guidance of the visiting sofer.  Not sure if artwork will come before or after.  Artwork will be minimalist so as not to be distracting for a reader.  We are now looking into sources to find a basis for allowing artwork (l'chatchila).